Easy Halloween Dog Do’s and Don’ts

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Halloween is a time of flashing lights, excited children, dropped candy and crazy noises. While some dogs love it, other dogs don’t. Run through this easy checklist the day of and after Halloween to keep the day fun and festive for you and your furry bestie.

We’ve taken the extra step of putting a dog GPS tracker on Tampa Bay to make extra sure he doesn’t get lost during chaotic times like Halloween. © Melissa L. Kauffman

If you take your dog with you for Halloween, put on good-fitting harnesses, no-more-than 6-foot leashes and bring treats, water and poop bags. © Melissa L. Kauffman

I take photos of the dogs before Halloween night when everything is calm and they can focus on me and the delicious treats I use to bribe them. © Melissa L. Kauffman

Through the years, I’ve had had different dogs with different reactions to Halloween. Pre-planning works best in all situations. This year, we took the dogs to a Halloween Weekend at a Jellystone campground. We took the same steps in the RV as the home: turned the music up, shut all windows and blinds, gated and locked the door. Get your game plan ready and let us know how it worked out for you and your pup. Have a wagalicious Halloween!

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