How to Spend Time Outdoors Safely with Your Cat?

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Cats love the indoors. On most days, you will find them sitting near a window, watching the world go by. While it is perfectly fine if your cat likes the indoors, there is no harm in introducing your cat to the outdoors. Your cat might seem a bit apprehensive at first, but if you create a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience for your cat, he or she may start liking the outdoors. While it is easy to make the indoors cat safe, keeping your cat safe outdoors can be a bit challenging. Here are some tips that will help you spend time with your cat safely outdoors.

Make sure your cat is vaccinated – In your home, your cat may not come in contact with other cats or animals, but the same isn’t true for the outdoors. Your cat is bound to come in contact with other cats, or a friendly dog. In addition to this, your cat will also come in contact with organisms like ticks, fleas, heartworms, and the likes. Make sure you take your cat to the vet to make sure he or she is vaccinated. Also, clean your cat and check for ticks and fleas as soon as you are back indoors.

Do not leave your
cat alone
– Even if it is just in your backyard, do not leave your cat
alone and unattended to at any time. If your cat is outdoors, it is an absolute
must for you to be with your cat, supervising his every move. Get distracted
for a moment, and your cat might wander off, and you will have a tough time
finding him.

Use a leash and a
– It is advisable to keep your cat on a harness and a leash when
you are outdoors. Do not use a collar or a breakaway collar, since your cat
might slip out of them and wander off on his own. A body harness will reduce
the chances of your cat escaping. Make sure you get your cat used to wearing a
harness before you venture out of your home.

Neuter your cat
– Getting your cat spayed will reduce his or her urge to roam. It will also
reduce the chances of stray cats trying to get close to your cat. You will also
not have to deal with the chance of them having kittens if at all they do end
up escaping your yard and going off on their own.

Get a safe fence – If you are going to let your cat wander into your yard, make sure you get a cat-proof fence. Cat-proof fences have extensions that curve inwards and make it extremely difficult for cats to jump up on them and escape. These few tips will help you enjoy the outdoors along with your favorite furry friend.

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