The Best Ways to Celebrate Festivals With Your Pets

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Festival season brings with it loud music, firecrackers,
and loads of guests at your house. While this is a fun and joyful time, if you
have pets, you might want to take a few precautions beforehand. Pets can get
very irritable and scared with all the new noise around them. Some pets even
begin to shake, shiver, and cower in such environments. To prevent our furry
friends from being so taken aback and nervous during festivals, you can be a
responsible pet parent and take a few precautions. Here are the best ways to
celebrate festivals with your pets.

firecrackers completely, if possible

Firecrackers have never been for pets. The extremely loud
noise and bright lights put your pets on high alert, causing them to become
extra nervous or extra hyper. If possible, eliminate celebrating festivals
without firecrackers altogether. If this is not possible, create a designated
space to burst them far away from your pets.

Keep them indoors
for as long as possible

You could be the most responsible pet parent, yet; your
neighbors might not know or not care about loud noise impacting your pets.
Thus, to make sure that your pets do not get startled by the ongoing
festivities at your neighbors’ or even at your house, try to keep them indoors,
away from the noise, as long as possible.

Make sure your pets
are well fed and well hydrated

Do not forget about your pets’ diet during celebrations.
Make sure that they are well fed. The anxiety from the loud music and
firecrackers cause pets, especially dogs, to salivate and lose water from their
body. To make sure your pets are not uneasy, place water bowls in multiple
locations and keep them well hydrated.

Do not give them
drugs or sedatives

Some pet parents decide to put their pets on drugs or
sedatives so that they sleep through the noise and not get anxious. DO NOT do
this in any circumstances. Drugs and sedatives have harmful long-term effects
on pets and will do more harm than good. Let them stay awake and choose when
they wish to go to sleep.

Come by and cuddle
your pets from time to time

Make time from the celebrations and the party and check up
on your pets every hour or so. Pat them down and cuddle them if they seem very
nervous. All pets will feel a little uneasy in all the noise, but keeping them
far away from it and checking up on them regularly to give cuddles work like a
charm. It helps them feel safe.

Clean up immediately after the guests leave

As soon as the guests leave, you might want to clean up properly since your pet would want to come out for fresh air. Thrown away all leftover party plates, burst firecrackers, and other garbage so that they do not end up eating them. Also, make sure that all wires are no way near them so that they do not get electrocuted.

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