Introducing Your Puppy to Bath Time

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When you get a puppy home, you will, after a few days have
to introduce him or her to bath time. While for some pet parents, bath time can
be fun and enjoyable, for some, it can turn out to be quite a nightmare. Some
dogs are absolute water lovers and will take to the water right from the first
time you bathe them. Others might not like the water as much. In fact, some
dogs tend to dislike the water so much, that getting them ready for a bath is
quite the charade. They can even tremble as soon as you mention a bath.

How to make bath time easy?

So how do you introduce your puppy to bath time? Since
this is the first time your puppy will have water all over its body, it is
important to ease his or her in so that it is not a shock to their system.

Start with the tail – It is a good idea to start wetting
your puppy starting with the tail and then gradually moving up to the head. Do
not wet your puppy suddenly. See how they react to being wet on the tail, and
based on that, you can carry on. If they seem to enjoy it, proceed with no
worry. If your puppy seems apprehensive, stop and make sure your get the puppy
to become comfortable again and then continue.

Use lukewarm water – Do not use extremely hot or cold
water while bathing your puppy. The hot water might be too harsh for their
tender skin and fur, and the cold water might end up getting them sick. Heat
the water just a bit and make sure it is not too hot.

Make it fun – If you have a bathtub at home, you can make
bath time all the more fun, if you get in the water along with your puppy. If
your puppy sees that you are happy and comfortable with the water, he will not
be scared of it either.

Get your puppy a toy – You can make bath time a lot more
fun if you introduce some toys in the routine. Puppies love squeaky toys. Throw
in a few rubber ducks in the water and let your puppy have some fun while you
clean him or her.

Take care of your puppy’s ears – Dogs do not like water
going into their ears. So when you bathe your puppy, make sure you are
extremely careful when you reach their head. So not let water get into their
ears and do not let soap or shampoo get into their eyes.

If your puppy has a good experience the first time you bathe him or her,
chances are he or she will start liking bath time, and this can be a lot of fun
for you as well.

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