Taking Care of a Pregnant Dog

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Welcoming a new puppy in the world is exceptionally
joyous. As a responsible and caring pet parent, you need to make sure that your
beloved pregnant dog is getting all the care she needs. Sometimes, pregnancy
can be hard on your dog, and she might need more help than you think. The
little over two months of your dog’s pregnancy is extremely crucial and if you
are looking to help your dog go through the pregnancy in ease and comfort, here
are some tips you can take into consideration.

Make visits to your
dog’s vet more frequent

Just like human pregnancies, dog pregnancies need medical
attention as well. Take your dog to the vet regularly and make sure that they
do not have any health ailments. Prenatal check-ups will make sure that your
dog gets all the health supplements she needs and that her pups are developing
healthily. Any deficiencies and ailments that can hinder a comfortable birth
can be taken care of right in the starting. In case that your dog got pregnant
by accident, you can talk to the vet about several methods to prevent unwanted
pregnancies in the future. Make sure that your dog’s vet is close to your house
so that you can take her to the vet immediately when she goes into labor.

Monitor your dog’s
diet and give them a balanced meal

While a balanced diet is important always, pregnancies
make them all the more crucial. A nutritious diet is vital for the proper
development of the pups and also for your dog to maintain her health. A
properly balanced diet with loads of nutrition will allow your dog to stay
active. Avoid large and heavy meals. Rather, feed your dog small meals
regularly. This helps the two months of pregnancy by making them extremely
healthy and joyous. Since your dog has pups developing inside her, you will
need to increase her calorie intake gradually. Consult the vet regarding the
same and follow all instructions carefully.

Do not forget to give your dog regular exercise

Pregnancy can cause some dogs to become devoid of energy. This causes them to rest in one place for long durations of time and can result in their bodies becoming sore. To avoid any muscle problems, make sure that your dog is getting regular exercise. You need not make their exercise more rigorous. Simply give them the same exercise they usually take. If your dog is a bit weak, take them on regular walks twice a day so that they can get some exercise. Over the two months of her pregnancy, gradually reduce heavy exercise and take her out for walks only. If you find your dog becoming very weak, give her body a good massage.

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