Taking Your Pet to Office- Things to Know

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Quite a few offices these days allow you to bring your
pets to work. A large number of people live away from home, sometimes on their
own, and getting a pet sitter might not always be possible. If your office
allows pets and you are looking forward to taking your pet to office, here are
a few things you need to know.

Make sure your pet is comfortable – While some pets might
love meeting new people, some pets tend to be more reserved and could get
apprehensive around a lot of people. If you want to get your pet comfortable
spending time at your office, you need to ease them into it. Do not take them
to the office for the entire day at the first shot. Try a few hours the first
day and see how your pet reacts. If they seem happy to be around people, you
can try getting them to work the entire day the next time. If your pet seems
uncomfortable and sits in the corner, looking sad, you will have to take it
slow. Try to increase the time they spend in the office by half an hour each
day and gradually get them used to the new environment.

Pay attention to who plays with your pet – While your
office mates might be overjoyed to have a puppy or a kitten in the office, you
need to make sure that your pet is safe and comfortable around them. Do not
leave your pet along with your colleagues as you do not know how they may treat
your pet. While they might mean well, their behavior could some times get your
pet uncomfortable. So while it is fine to allow people to play with your pet,
please do not leave them unsupervised.

Carry enough water and food – Your pet sill surely get
tired playing with all the people at your office, and he or she will surely
need water and food. Make sure you keep their bowl full of fresh and clean
water at all times. Carry enough food for when your pet gets hungry. Once your
pet has eaten, ask your co-workers to let him or her rest for a while.

Carry your pet’s favorite toy – No doubt, you will not be
able to entertain your pet all the time you are at work. Make sure you carry a
few of your pet’s toys with you to work so that your pet can amuse himself or
herself while you are busy with your job.

Take your pet out for a quick walk – At regular intervals, make sure you
take your pet outdoors for a bit so that they can do their business and do not
end up dirtying the office. The walk will also be a good exercise for you and
your pet.

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